Weekending in Chattanooga


Last week, Chris was on travel in Keensaw, GA for work so we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to meet in Chattanooga for a little weekend getaway.

Chris’s training class ended at 10am Friday so he worked out, grabbed lunch, returned his rental car, and checked into the hotel while waiting on me to arrive. I worked until noon and made it to Chattanooga by about 2pm.


We stayed at The Chattanoogan Hotel which was within walking distance to all of downtown. This is the hotel that Chris stays at when he is on work trips to Chattanooga so he knew the area very well. Once we loaded my stuff in, he took me on a tour of the grounds. They have a great outdoor area that includes a rooftop patio and outdoor fire pits.

After we walked around the hotel, we freshened up and took advantage of the Happy Hour that the hotel bar, The Foundry, offered. 4 drinks and an appetizer later, we were ready for dinner.


We chose Urban Stack for dinner. It was withing viewing distance from our hotel so we walked over. Since his last trip, Chris had been raving about their burgers so I knew that I definitely wanted to try one out. Needless to say, they didn’t disappoint. IMG_1266

I chose the “Fried Green Tomato” while Chris went with the “Good Morning Sunshine”. Both were delicious. I’m wishing now that we would have stopped back by for lunch Sunday on our way home!

Ok, here is where the trip went off course.. We finished dinner by 7:30pm and Chris wanted to go back to the room to use the restroom. (ugh men!) Anyway, while he was taking his precious time, I decided to take a cat nap…. Well that turned into a 1.5 hour nap that resulted in both of us getting into our pajamas and waking up to catch the Bruce Jenner interview.

For the record, I was ready to go back out and explore the nightlife by 10pm but my other half refused. I guess it worked out well because we were up and ready to go early on Saturday.


I have one word for you…PANCAKES! Holy moly, what a wonderful breakfast we had on Saturday. Chris found Bluegrass Grill on Urban Spoon and once he read the menu out, I knew it sounded right up our alley. Upon entering the restaurant, we learned that it is first come, first serve for seating. I imagine that this could get a little hectic when they are extremely busy but luckily for us, we only had to wait about 30 minutes and I promise, the wait was worth every single second.IMG_1268

We both chose the small stack of honey wheat pancakes, one egg, and a meat. I ordered bacon which was cooked to perfection. It tasted as though it may have been cooked in a touch of brown sugar. The pancakes were our favorite. In fact, on our way home, we were ranking our meals in order and Chris said that the pancakes were #1 in his book!


As you can see, he was still drooling over them two days later!

After breakfast, we explored the city for a few hours until lunch time.


For lunch, we stumbled upon The Social. The Social is the bar portion of Public House. From what I understand, they both serve the same menu for lunch. When the waiter greeted us, she told us of the $10 Mimosa pitcher promotion so of course we had to partake. I sent this picture to some of my girlfriends to let them know that Chris was taking their Mimosa drinking spot for the day.


For our meal, I chose the Portabella and Goat Cheese grilled cheese. Chris selected the Pot Roast, mashed potatoes, and side salad. My sandwich was wonderful but I think his mashed potatoes were the true star of the table. Yum!


On top of the great food, The Social’s atmosphere was awesome. I am obsessed with exposed brick and it seemed like every place we went had it so I was basically in heaven. I could have sat here and drank $10 pitchers all day long!

We walked around a little more after lunch and rode the free tram down to the aquarium area. Its an inexpensive way to see the entire downtown area.


Later, we went back to the hotel and enjoyed a few cocktails on the rooftop patio. We then showered and got ready for dinner.

While we were out and about we tried getting reservations at Alleia for dinner but they were full. We were bummed but will definitely be trying it out in the future.


We chose The Terminal for dinner. It was bar food but really good bar food. I highly suggest the pizza!


We started off with the Pot Roast Nachos and then split the “Big Italian Meat”. Yum!


After dinner, we strolled down to the Flying Squirrel Bar for a few drinks. It was a happening place with good music, great atmosphere, and even better drinks. Chris and I chose from their craft beer selection but I couldn’t tell you how many women I heard order a “Mrs. Beauregarde” or “Mrs. B” for short. Its on my list to try on our next trip back! Their website describes it as a cucumber infused gin, creme de violette, lemon, and lavender syrup. Yep, I have got to try that!

Sunday, we hit the road and were home by 11am. Weekends away are my favorite. I’m already looking forward to another weekend in Chattanooga hopefully in May!


Weekend Happenings

Why is it that the weekend flies by but the week days seem to last so long?! Chris and I both commented on how fast last weekend passed. We woke up Friday morning and before we knew it, Monday had already rolled around.

Friday night, we met at our outdoor shopping plaza, BridgeStreet. While Chris returned some shoes at Clarks, I hit up Loft. They had a great sale going on where I score this top and this dress for $35 total! For some reason, the sales are always so much better there in store than online. IMG_0737

After our shopping trip, we hit our local Mexican restaurant. Its a sign we eat there too much when the waiter already knows our order when we walk in the door. Ha!


After dinner, we went to my favorite place around..Stem and Stein. It is a charming craft beer bar and wine cellar. They have local musicians that play acoustic on weekend nights. Its laid back and seriously my favorite spot. They have a huge patio that I cant wait to get back on once the temps warm up just a little more.

When we got there, I told Chris what I was considering ordering and headed to the restroom. When I came back to my seat, this is what greeted me. It was HUGE compared to Chris’s glass. Hahaha! I had one man ask me if there was a reason my glass was so big or if it just came like that. Needless to say the size was definitely noticeable!


Saturday morning, we had our weekly date through the Starbucks drive through. The warm temps called for windows down, music up, and iced coffee.


Later that morning, this pretty girl (and her baby Lucy) came to spend the day with Uncle Chris and Aunt Kelsey. We played beauty shop, cooked lunch, made a trip to the park, played some more, took a nap, and watched Disney Jr.


After the little one went to bed, Chris grilled us burgers. He is seriously the best hamburger maker in the world! Next time he cooks them, I will be sure to get the recipe and post it. They are delicious!!


Sunday was for being lazy and sushi. We went out for lunch and then went to visit our friends Stacey and Allen and tour their new home. Its gorgeous to say the least. We are so excited for them!!

I have already started the countdown to this coming up weekend. We are almost half way there!


Birthday Weekend in Nashville



Even though my birthday was on Wednesday last week, Angela, Whitney and I decided to take our yearly spring trip to Nashville to celebrate.

Before the fun could begin on Saturday, Chris and I had an appointment in the shoals to get our taxes done Friday night. We had dinner at City Hardware and met up with some friends for a drink at a new bar in town called Wildwood Tavern.


Saturday, Whitney and I packed up and got on the road around 9:30ish. There is a restaurant outside of Columbia called Marcy Jo’s that we have been wanting to try for a while so we decided to stop in for breakfast.


Look at the size of our cinnamon roll!!! I think I gained 10lbs just by eating breakfast but it was so worth it. The setting is a quaint little farmhouse that they have turned into a restaurant. There are maybe 25 tables inside and a long table in the back that is community type seating. This is where we sat and had breakfast with a very friendly couple.

After the cinnamon roll, we each got the half order of biscuits and gravy. It was well worth the stop. I cant wait to take Chris up there sometime.

We stopped in Cool Springs to shop and walk off some of our breakfast while we were waiting on check-in at our hotel. Since Nashville was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day last weekend, hotel rates downtown were through the roof. We ended up staying close to the airport at the Residence Inn. Since it was just 3 of us, we stayed in the studio room which still gave us plenty of space.

We got ready and headed downtown to Demonbreun Street around 6ish to meet up with Angela’s friend Cara. When we pulled up, all we could see was a wave of green. If you know me well, then you will already know that I was dressed in all black. As you can imagine, I stuck out like a sore thumb. Thankfully, someone felt pity for me and gave me some green beads to wear.


The street party was full of beer, kilts, and bagpipe music. So much fun! I think we will definitely go back to celebrate next year. That gives me 365 days to add a piece of green to my wardrobe… Or I can just buy a hat like this 😉



Valentines Weekend Re-cap

What a relaxing and enjoyable weekend we had! It was definately a weekend full of nothing but most of the time those are the best!


Most Friday’s I treat myself with a Diet Coke, but last Friday I decided a coffee was much needed. How cute were the Valentine’s cups from Starbucks this year?!


Friday night, after visiting three different restaurants, we finally got a table at Brickhouse. We split wings and fries and ended our night at Sam and Gregs where we watched gymnastics and drank a couple of beers.


Saturday morning I helped my cousin with a baby shower brunch. She had such neat ideas including this festive drink table as well as a yogurt bar which got rave reviews!


Saturday afternoon our new bedroom piece arrived. After waiting over two weeks, I was so anxious to get it. I think it fits perfect under our television. I would still be happy without a tv in the bedroom but Chris thinks its a must have.I have learned to pick my battles so tv in the bedroom it is. 😉


We decided to change it up this year and cook at home instead of trying to fight the crowds at local restaurants. Chris grilled the perfect ribeyes. We both agreed that this was the best steak he has ever cooked for us. We also had grilled onions and mushrooms as well as a baked potato.


Valentines Day selfie while waiting on our steaks to grill


For dessert, Chris surprised me with this strawberry covered cheesecake. Best $9.99 ever spent!


Sunday night it was time for a little Mr. Grey.After two naps, I finally got out of my pjs around 4pm. Jo, Stacey, Angela, and I all met at the Scene for dinner and drinks and continued the fun at the Prive for the 8pm showing of 50 Shades.


Uncle Chris was on babysitting duty back at the house.

I love having busy social weekends but sometimes its nice just to relax at the house. I hope everyone had a Valentines weekend full of love!


Weekend Get-Away


Last Thursday, I met Chris when I got off and we headed south to meet his family at the gulf. They had all left earlier Thursday and beat us down there by several hours. With one quick stop in Prattville for gas and Chick-fil-a, we finally made it there at about 11:15pm.

Friday morning, we awoke to a slight drizzle and temps in the 40’s. We were so excited to see Miss Bonnie and the rest of the family. Some spent the morning trying to feed birds while others failed at trying to take selfies.



Rainy, cold days make for the best movie days so the women headed to the Wharf to see The Boy Next Door.


 After the movie, we went back to the condo to freshen up and then headed to Nolan’s for dinner.


We started our meal with an appetizer of Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. I selected the Grilled Shrimp as my entree while Chris chose the Grilled Ahi Tuna.

Nolans has an area in the back of the restaurant that they call they call their Lounge. After dinner, we moved back into that area for some live music. Bonnie got her groove on with her G-Daddy and we all split a piece of cheesecake and creme brulee for dessert.



Saturday morning the weather was gorgeous! Chris and I sat on the balcony for a while and he even complained about being hot. We decided to put our toes in the sand again and joined everyone on the beach.



Chris had done got hot so decided to show off some skin 😉


Bonnie missed all of the group pics because she was having too much fun to pause.


After our time on the beach, it was the mens turn for a movie. They chose Taken 3. While they were gone, Angela and Bonnie napped and Trish and I decided to do a little shopping.

Later that evening, we all met back up at Cosmo’s for dinner.


After dinner, we hit the outlets up for a couple of hours where I scored some great deals, as in the most I paid for anything was $13.50, at the Ann Taylor outlet!

We packed up and left out early Sunday morning.

Even though it was such a short trip, we enjoyed getting away and are already looking forward the next chance we have to take a mini vacation.