Snowpocalypse 2015

After so much anticipation, we finally got snow! Last Friday, it was predicted that we would get several inches and while we did get a light dusting, it was nothing in comparison of the snow that we got Wednesday night.

Chris had been on travel earlier in the week so he had a short travel day and was home by about 1pm. Most predictions stated that the snow would start between 2pm-4pm. As of 3pm, there was not one singe snowflake outside of my office so I thought that I would have plenty of time to get home before it hit. IMG_0624

Chris sent this picture around 3pm showing me that it was in fact snowing at our house and starting to stick. I finished up a few emails and headed out the door at 3:30pm. I hadn’t drove 3 miles and was already thinking that I should have taken Chris’s advice sooner. Snow was falling and it was falling fast!


I snapped this picture while waiting on my light to turn green. Roads were starting to become slick but luckily I made it home safe. That evening the snow didn’t stop! Chris took the dogs for a walk and I kept cozy with a warm bath, hot cocoa, and my new favorite candle.


Yesterday morning, we woke up to 8.1 inches of snow! Since I was a party-pooper on Wednesday night, I was determined to get outside and enjoy the snow on Thursday. Chris and I ate breakfast, bundled up, and were out the door by 8:30am.


We were in search of a hill to slide down but had zero luck. We walked around the neighborhood and back onto the walking trail. We were amazed that there were not any kids out playing in the snow.




On our way back to our street, I decided that we just had to build a snowman. I don’t think Chris was too eager to do so, but he was a good sport and helped me pretty much built the whole thing. Who knew it was so much work to build a snowman?! Geez.


Being the southerners that we are, it was only appropriate for our snowman to be an Alabama fan. IMG_0619

Reflectors for eyes, a fishing hook as a nose, and fishing worm as a mouth, and our snowman was complete.



We finished the day with warm pj’s, long naps, and friends over for dinner and cards.

Now that we have seen snow, we are counting down the days to Spring!