Show & Tell Tuesday: Beauty

Beauty RoutineToday, I am linking up with Andrea to talk about my beauty routine.

I always love looking at other peoples beauty posts to learn of new products and techniques that they use so I cant wait to look through all of those who link up today!

Ok, lets get to it!


I have tried several different moisturizers but always come back to Sephora’s Instant Moisturizer.


I received this primer in one of my last Ipsy bags and have been using it ever since. I think a full size will be added to my next Sephora haul.


I started wearing Tarte’s full coverage foundation in March and have been pleased with it ever since. My skin type is dry and this covers well without drying my face out even more.


This concealer was also an Ipsy find. You can buy it here.


I have been using Nars blush for years now. The color I prefer is called Orgasm which is a great coral color for those with dark features like me.


Ok, here is a secret. I hardly ever wear eye shadow. Literally I may wear it once a month. The way my eyes are shaped, I the hood of my eye covers the actual eye lid when I am awake so I feel like it is just a waste of my time to put it on unless it is a special occasion or I want to feel dressed up. When those time do occur, I use my Naked Palette.


For eyeliner, I use the cheap stuff. Right now I am using this Revlon color from Target.


Same goes for mascara. I had been using some from Benefit but I have to admit, I like this L’Oreal mascara just as well if not better than the expensive stuff!


As for lips, most of the time I am a gloss girl but once in a while when I like to rock a bold lip, I use this lip pencil. I received it in my Ipsy bag (see the trend?)  but have since bought the full size version.


In March, Sephora sent an email claiming I had a birthday gift for pickup. Lucky for me, it was these two lipstick pencils. Cruella is the perfect red!


To finish things up, I spritz on some Flowerbomb and I’m done!

I cant wait to read about everyone’s routine and get some new product inspiration! Also, if you are interested in signing up for Ipsy, click here.


Friday Favorites


Another week down! As usual, here are some of my favorites from this week.


This body wash has now become my go-to body wash for this fall. Seriously, this smells amazing!


A few weeks ago, I placed an order online through Sephora. I had read about this brightening serum on other blogs and once I saw that Sephora had it on sale for 50% off, I took advantage of the sale and added it to my order. I have been using it twice a day for about two weeks and can honestly see a difference. The dark circles under my eyes have noticeably lightened. Unfortunately, I just looked on Sephora’s website to link this and they are out of stock but try your local store or click here to order through Amazon!


Look at this forecast! Low of 39 tomorrow then back up to 81 on Monday. Southern Octobers have some crazy weather. All I want to do is drink my PSL while wearing a scarf, flannel, and boots without sweating to death!

Linking up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci.