Friday Favorites


Its Friday again! My second favorite day of the week! I cant believe next week we will be getting ready for the first football game of the season! Crazy!!

BonnieThis past Friday night, our niece Bonnie spent the night for the first time. We built a tent, baked some banana bread, and cuddled with Uncle Chris. Saturday, we met up with Trish and shopped until one of us dropped šŸ˜‰

photo 4-1

Monday night, we met up with my brother and a couple of his friends to try out the new trampoline center in Huntsville called Shakalaka. The guys wanted to stay in the dodge-ball area the most of the time so that is what we did. To say we were sore Tuesday would be an understatement.

photo 5-1

This is definitely not a favorite but something that should be noted. If you look closely you can see the animal skull mounted on to the front of the truck that was behind me at a red-light this week. I am pretty sure he knew I was taking a picture of him in my rear-view. Ohhh the things you see in the south!

Autumn Leaves

Fall is slowly approaching and I am so excited! Look at thisĀ centerpiece that will be coming home with me today. My aunt gave me a Kirkland’s gift certificate in March for my birthday and I have been holding on to that baby because I knew I would find tons of seasonal stuff that I would want and boy was I right. I also seeĀ this in my future.


Last, but certainly not least, is theĀ best news I have heard all week! Starbucks is bring back their Pumpkin Spice Latte NEXT WEEK!!! That means we only have to wait 3 more days!!


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