Baby Sonego – 20 Weeks!

Unfortunately, I haven’t been keeping up with our little ones weekly progress, however, since we hit the 20 week mark last week, I thought a mid-point check in would be fun to look back on in the months to come.
How far along? 21 weeks!
Baby’s Size: A banana || approximately 7-8 inches and (according to our ultra-sound yesterday) 1 whole pound!
Gender: Baby BOY! Gender Reveal Post coming soon 🙂
Baby Fact: Baby boy is practicing swallowing this week.
Weight Gain: 10 pounds as of our dr. appt yesterday.
Baby’s Movement: I started feeling what I would call “butterflies” around two weeks ago. Baby has been growing because his movement has drastically increased. So much so that Chris can even feel him outside of my belly now! His most active time is right when I crawl in bed at night and on my drive to work in the mornings. Yesterday, he showed out for the ultra-sound techs. They went on and on about how active he is!
Maternity Clothes: I’ve been wearing maternity pants for the last few weeks. I can still get by with wearing most of my pre-pregnancy shirts although they are all getting tighter by the day.
Sleep: Between restroom breaks and constantly tossing and turning, sleep is harder and harder to come by these days.
Symptoms: I am still fighting morning sickness but it has eased up drastically. Just when I think it may be gone for good it pops back up.
Cravings: Ok, this will probably gross you out as bad as it grosses all of my friends out but I have cravings for mayonnaise. Weird, right?! The funny thing is, I am a Miracle Whip girl all the way so I have no idea where the mayo craving is coming from. Another huge craving is sour punch straws! Our local Kroger sales the big packs for only $1 each. I stock up on every grocery trip!
Miss Anything? What I miss the most is sleeping on my back and tummy. Side sleeping just isn’t for me.
Best Moment This Week: My most favorite moment of the week is when we were laying in bed on Monday night and Chris got to feel the little man moving for the first time.
Worst Moment This Week: Morning sickness no doubt!
Looking Forward To: I was so looking forward to our 20 week ultra sound which we had yesterday. Now they they confirmed again that he is a boy, I am looking forward to getting started on the nursery!!
How’s Husband? Husband is absolutely wonderful! I am so excited that our son will have such a inspiring role model in his life. Little boy and I sure are lucky to have him as a daddy and spouse.
So that sums up whats been going on with me lately. I cant wait to post about our gorgeous Gender Reveal party next week.


Wow, 3 months later and I am finally getting around to another post. Life has been busy lately and filled with nothing but pure joy. Sometimes life sucks you in and taking recipe pictures, keeping up with my favorite products, and all the other things I typically write about get pushed to the back burner.

That is definitely what has happened the past few months. The morning that Chris and I left for our beach vacation, we learned that our world was about to change forever.