Favorite Things – Hair Products

Favorite ThingsI hope everyone enjoyed a nice long Memorial Day weekend! Our pool plans were cancelled due to all of the rain we received Sunday night throughout Monday. It was still nice to be off work though to honor those who have served our country. Later in the week, I will share what we did during our long weekend off.

Today, its all about hair! I am linking with Erika and Andrea to share my favorite hair products. As you read, you will be able to tell that my hair products are not something that I splurge on. I would much rather spend my money on clothes, food, or shoes rather than expensive hair products. If you can do both though, you go girl!!


During the week, I tend to use my cheaper products so that I can get more use out of the ones that I tend to spend a little more money on.

This shampoo and conditioner do not have the best reviews online but so far, they have worked great for my hair. The combination leaves my hair with texture which makes styling so much easier!

I have used this hair serum on my hair since high school. The smell is my favorite and it calms the frizzy when needed especially during the summer months. A tiny drop is all you need.

I grabbed this dry shampoo a few months back and have since bought several cans. Let’s fact it, when you have long, thick hair like I do the last thing you want to do is wash and dry your hair every single day. This spray lets me go every other day without shampooing. Also, I sometimes use it on clean hair too just to add volume.

Hairspray is something that I have a hard time finding. I think I have probably tried every brand at Target and just cant find one that wins the title of my favorite. As of now, I am using this but will probably try something new the next time I need a can. Any suggestions?!


On the weekends or if anything special is going on throughout the week, I will usually use these products instead on the list above. I have a feeling that I may be in the minority of people who do this but I like to save what I feel as better quality products for special occasions or for weekend use. Weird, right?!

This shampoo is not expensive but it is in comparison with the price and amount I get in my other bottle. I do love the smell and how silky my hair feels when using this. I also keep a bottle of this shampoo in our guest bathroom for visitors.

I started visiting a new salon a few months ago. My stylist Jenny recommended this serum in place of the other than I use. She was right. This stuff is a miracle but because of the price, I choose not to use it daily. edit:Surprisingly, I just noticed that I paid more in my salon than amazon has it listed for. This may move up to my daily use!

My mom actually introduced me to the Sebastian dry shampoo. Her stylist gives her a sample each time she visits and she is nice enough to pass them to me. I carry the sample size in my purse for touch ups when I am out. This dry shampoo works the best out of any I have tried but I always have to be careful because it is very white and powdery.

As for hairspray, same old story here. Not completely happy with this and am looking for suggestions!


The last thing left to talk about is the tools I use.

I go through hair dryers like nobody’s business. I usually just buy a cheap one and change it out when it starts to smell like I am burning the bathroom down 🙂 I have had this hairdryer since Christmas with no complaints what-so-ever.

The flat iron fad started around the time that Chris and I started dating. For my birthday one year, he surprised me with a CHI. Six years later and it still works just like it did the day I opened it.

As for my curling iron, I use this one. I also own the same iron in a smaller barrel for tighter curls. The iron has 25 heat settings and a 60 second warm up which is great for those days when you just need to touch up!

Am I missing something great?! If so, let me know in the comments!