The ultimate F-word … Fifty!


Over the weekend, we celebrated my sweet daddy’s 50th birthday!

Friday night, Chris and I picked up pizzas and took to their restaurant as they were closing and had a mini celebration with the employees. One of their women had made such a cute “50th” cake for him.



Since he had to work Friday night, Mom had set up balloons to let everyone know he was “over-the-hill”.


Saturday, his brothers joined us for delicious steaks that Kelton grilled…  Speaking of, I need to get his recipe and post it soon! Unfortunately, Chris already had tickets to the Bama basketball game so he missed out.



50 never looked so good, Daddy!


Friday Favorites


Its time for my Friday favorites already? This week was a quick one which is always nice. Here are some of my favorites from the week.

birthdayMonday night we celebrated my sweet mama’s birthday! #29again Love you mom!!

photo 2-1

As Chris says, I am granola bar obsessed. Maybe he is right but they are so easy to throw in my purse for a quick breakfast or snack at the office. These new Quaker Protein bars are so good and filling. I like the Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavor because .. well.. PB & Chocolate duh!


How sweet of a husband do I have that gets up to fix me a sandwich for lunch before I go to work?! His specialty is peanut butter sandwiches which have a short ingredient list (peanut butter+2 pieces of bread=sandwich) but hey its the thought that counts. I’m a lucky girl.


Holy Moly! Have you guys tried these? To all of the cookie cake lovers, this is right up your alley! This package only lasted about a day and a half in our house. Yikes! I can’t believe I’m admitting that. Oh well! Try them warmed up in the microwave with a big glass of milk. So good!


To round out my favorites for today, I have to say that our Sushi date night was one of my favorites from this week for sure!

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