Friday Favorites

FridayFavorites3_zpsea6fc451Getting back into the swing of things around here, I am linking with Andrea, Narci, and Erika to share my Friday Favorites!


After the ordeal over the weekend with Chris’s jeep, he purchased this bad boy yesterday!


Monday night, we got together with my Dad’s extended family who we only see once every few years. Everyone brought old pictures. Can we just look and how cute my dad was?! Looking at this picture there is no denying who my brother favors.


Speaking of old pictures, here is a picture of my paternal grandfather when he was a wrestler. How handsome!


This weekend, we are going to begin on the nursery! Ekk!! I’m sure all we will accomplish is taking all of the current pictures off the wall and puttying the holes in preparation to paint but it is still so exciting to vision the space ready for our little man. Speaking of, I am trying to find a way to convince Chris that spending $$$ on this stuffed elephant is ok. Dang you, RH!!

It looks like the cooler temps are here to stay. I’m looking forward to bundling up in my PJ’s and spending a quiet weekend at home.



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