Weekend Happenings


Weekends in the south are centered around one thing: College Football!

At CMA Fest this year, Stacey promised to make a trip to Alabama during the fall. Since she is such a big LSU fan, it only made sense for her to plan a visit for the LSU/Alabama game!

Whit picked her up on Thursday in Nashville and then met me for dinner at Bravo! After dinner, we returned to the house to catch up.

Friday, I worked half a day then met the girls for lunch and shopping. After that, we decided to head west to meet up with the husbands and give Stacey a tour of where Whitney and I grew up.


After dinner, our first stop was Whitney’s Uncle Kip’s pool house for moonshine tasting and margaritas. Of course, I lived through everyone else while sipping on my water 🙂

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Next up, we took her to the local beer joint where you never know what will walk through the door! A proper Alabama tour isn’t complete without making a quick pit stop here.


Saturday morning we got ready and headed down south for some football! Unfortunately, it rained ALL day which resulted in an impromptu stop in Birmingham for rain boots! Best purchase I have made all year.

To say this trip was a doozie would be putting it mildly. Literally as we were pulling into our parking spot, Chris’s jeep started smoking a little then made a horrible sound and started smoking alot! He screamed “get out!” so we all grabbed our belongings and ran! I wish that was the end of this story….


We tailgated, toured the quad, and then headed into the stadium. Stacey and Whitney had tickets on the 50 yard line while Chris and I were in the upper deck. 22302957684_f7bdd8ca9d_o

Lucky for us, Alabama won because that was the last positive thing to happen until 3am….

Once we got back to the jeep, Chris wanted to hang out for a little while to let traffic clear. We got on the road around 12:30am and made it about 2 miles before the jeep died. Im talking, no breaks, no power steering, D-E-A-D! Chris managed to pull into a parking lot instead of being stuck on the side of the road.

To make a long story short, we were stranded until around 3am when my brother’s friend, Patton came to our rescue. We ended up making it home around 5:30am.


After a few hours of sleep, we made it to Nashville just in time for Stacey to catch her flight.

As bad as I hated that we had car trouble during her stay at least we made memories. Ha! That’s my positive spin on the situation. Now we are counting down until June to see her and Toni again at CMA fest!



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