Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Holidays that fall on Mondays and Fridays are my favorite. There isnt much a long weekend cant fix! Unfortunately, the weather didnt cooperate this year like we had hoped, but in the end we still had a pretty successful Memorial Day weekend.


Chris worked in Chattanooga Thursday and half a day Friday. Once he got back into town we met Chris, Jo, and JD at Outback for dinner. After our meals, we headed back to their house to catchup and watch this little man walk!


Saturday morning we were up and on the road to Columbus, GA to visit friends. Betsy and Jackson had their baby girl, Kaitlin, in December and this was the first chance we had to make it down to visit.

We went downtown for lunch where we ate at the Cannon BrewPub. The food was delicious and we were really impressed with their beer! After lunch, we walked around downtown then went back to their house to visit.


On Sunday, the guys went for a hike while I stayed with Betsy and got some more cuddles with this sweet girl!

We left around 4pm or so and had a rough ride home. It pretty much rained the entire 4 hour drive. We cant make it through Birmingham without stopping at our favorite BBQ spot, Jim and Nicks.


After we got back on the road from dinner, it was decided that we should stop for an ice cream cone. After all, we did have to get gas which was the perfect excuse 😉

Monday, we had plans of hanging at Mom and Dad’s pool but with the rain, we chose to stay home, eat Mexican, and be lazy….. Sometimes those days are needed too.



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