Show and Tell Tuesday: Names

Show and Tell Banner Names

Today I am linking with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday. The topic today is names. While most people are sharing how they decided on the names of their kiddos. Its all dogs over here 🙂

Whenever the day comes that we have a human to name, I will be sure to do a post on how we came up with the names.


Chris gave our “first born” to me as a Christmas present in December of 2009. I had been asking for a German Shepard for months and what a surprise she was!

During that time, the Twilight saga was blowing up and I was in the middle of reading all of the books. Chris suggested “Bella” as her name and it stuck. Haha what a non-amusing story!

16839_1311302335172_8788_n 150276_1626461893964_7511765_n 72703_1602669379166_4297608_n

The following November, I surprised Chris with a Boxer puppy. Chris was working as a RN at the time and a few weeks prior had a patient that he had gotten close with pass away. Most of the time, Chris was able to leave work at work but this scenario was different and his passing really stuck with him. The patients name was Murphy.


There really was no discussing or thinking of names for our new puppy. Chris knew from the start the Murphy would be his name.


Hopefully, our humans will have better name stories than our puppy dogs.



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