Show & Tell Tuesday: Favorite Vacation

show and tell

Today, I am linking with Andrea to tell about my favorite vacation.

My very favorite would definitely have to be our Honeymoon in Jamaica. We chose the Sandals Whitehouse as our resort and was not disappointed.

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The first few days were spent lounging by the pool and beach. Chris was battling a multi-day hangover from our wedding that continued on throughout most of the honeymoon. Even though we had a wonderful time, I still think he owes me a re-do!

996050_10201788616209648_1441532094_n 1002007_10201788617529681_962617407_n 1395343_10201788615049619_638094191_n

On one of our last days, we chose to sign up for the excursion to visit Dunn’s River Falls. Let’s face it, there are very strict stipulations on when I actually enjoy being outside. 1-Food, drink, live music, or a combination of all three should be involved. 2- A beach, pool, or some form of water must be close by.

As you can imagine when Chris mentioned going zip lining I was not thrilled, but since it was our honeymoon, I took one for the team. I am so glad I did because we enjoyed it so much.

1379583_10201788661690785_768786486_n 1381223_10201788664330851_651158476_n 1381383_10201788661250774_1388555603_nHopefully, we will get to make the trip back one day when we are both feeling 100% 🙂

1381523_10201788665370877_88223224_n 1385710_10201788610769512_1157578292_n



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