Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Today I am linking with Erika and Andrea for a Favorite Things post. It just so happens that the favorite today is one of my favorite stores..TARGET! Seriously, how can you not love this store?!


First up, I always check out the dollar bin. Let’s face it, sometimes it is a waste of time but every once in a while I find little surprises and for the price, you really can’t beat it. I don’t know if you will be able to tell in the picture but on the top row, I found these little chalkboards on their own stand. For only $3 I had to pick one up. I am hoping this will be a perfect addition to my spring tablescape in our entryway. This will also be a great added touch when entertaining guests.


Next up, I always check out the scarf and jewelry section. Target is a great place to buy trendy items. With styles changing so often, I always try to find trendy pieces for a lower cost and splurge on the classic pieces in my closet.

I have put together a few of my favorites scarf option below. All are $16.99 or less!


1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.


Ok, I may be in the minority here but these white serving dishes are everything! If we had storage space, I would have every serving dish on this shelf. I currently own the pitcher on the top left, along with a couple of bowls and platters. The cake stand on the bottom left is calling my name. I have a birthday next month and it would make the perfect gift *hint hint* 😉


The last favorite that I am going to share today is the holiday section at Target. The Easter section is still a  work in progress at my local store as they are still transitioning from Valentines Day. I love decorating and cooking according to the holiday and I am always amazed at the hidden treasures that I can sometimes find in the holiday sections. It also helps that this is where the Reese’s hearts (V-Day), eggs (Easter), trees (Christmas), and pumpkins (Halloween) can always be found.

Target currently has free shipping on all orders over $25! Happy shopping, friends!



4 thoughts on “Favorite Things

  1. The seasonal section is one of my favorites! And we are the complete opposite. My kitchen pieces are bold colors and/or patterned. But if I had a different kitchen than the one I have now (which is all white), white dishes would be everything. 🙂

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