Valentines Weekend Re-cap

What a relaxing and enjoyable weekend we had! It was definately a weekend full of nothing but most of the time those are the best!


Most Friday’s I treat myself with a Diet Coke, but last Friday I decided a coffee was much needed. How cute were the Valentine’s cups from Starbucks this year?!


Friday night, after visiting three different restaurants, we finally got a table at Brickhouse. We split wings and fries and ended our night at Sam and Gregs where we watched gymnastics and drank a couple of beers.


Saturday morning I helped my cousin with a baby shower brunch. She had such neat ideas including this festive drink table as well as a yogurt bar which got rave reviews!


Saturday afternoon our new bedroom piece arrived. After waiting over two weeks, I was so anxious to get it. I think it fits perfect under our television. I would still be happy without a tv in the bedroom but Chris thinks its a must have.I have learned to pick my battles so tv in the bedroom it is. 😉


We decided to change it up this year and cook at home instead of trying to fight the crowds at local restaurants. Chris grilled the perfect ribeyes. We both agreed that this was the best steak he has ever cooked for us. We also had grilled onions and mushrooms as well as a baked potato.


Valentines Day selfie while waiting on our steaks to grill


For dessert, Chris surprised me with this strawberry covered cheesecake. Best $9.99 ever spent!


Sunday night it was time for a little Mr. Grey.After two naps, I finally got out of my pjs around 4pm. Jo, Stacey, Angela, and I all met at the Scene for dinner and drinks and continued the fun at the Prive for the 8pm showing of 50 Shades.


Uncle Chris was on babysitting duty back at the house.

I love having busy social weekends but sometimes its nice just to relax at the house. I hope everyone had a Valentines weekend full of love!



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