2015 Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s the month of love. Chris and I normally do not celebrate big on this holiday. We are were sort of the opinion that there shouldn’t be a day that makes you do something special for the one you love. Instead, you should do special things all year long!

Apparently my husband has had a change of heart this year… As we were walking in Kroger Saturday noticing all of the Valentine candy sitting out Chris said “I never get anything good for Valentine’s Day.” Excuse me?! I, of course, challenged him with a “what do you ever get me for Valentine’s Day?” He couldn’t give me an answer so we laughed and said that we would try to do better this year.

Well, husband if you are reading, I have tried to make things easy on you *wink*. On a serious note, I think the items below are all something that any lady would be excited to receive this year.


1. MK Flat Jet Set Saffiano Leather Wallet $98

2. Pro Flowers – Tulips $19.99

3. Custom Engraved Bar Necklace $48

4. Makeup Forever Lip Set $32

5. Printed Thermal Sleep Shirt $13.99



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