Weekend Get-Away


Last Thursday, I met Chris when I got off and we headed south to meet his family at the gulf. They had all left earlier Thursday and beat us down there by several hours. With one quick stop in Prattville for gas and Chick-fil-a, we finally made it there at about 11:15pm.

Friday morning, we awoke to a slight drizzle and temps in the 40’s. We were so excited to see Miss Bonnie and the rest of the family. Some spent the morning trying to feed birds while others failed at trying to take selfies.



Rainy, cold days make for the best movie days so the women headed to the Wharf to see The Boy Next Door.


 After the movie, we went back to the condo to freshen up and then headed to Nolan’s for dinner.


We started our meal with an appetizer of Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. I selected the Grilled Shrimp as my entree while Chris chose the Grilled Ahi Tuna.

Nolans has an area in the back of the restaurant that they call they call their Lounge. After dinner, we moved back into that area for some live music. Bonnie got her groove on with her G-Daddy and we all split a piece of cheesecake and creme brulee for dessert.



Saturday morning the weather was gorgeous! Chris and I sat on the balcony for a while and he even complained about being hot. We decided to put our toes in the sand again and joined everyone on the beach.



Chris had done got hot so decided to show off some skin 😉


Bonnie missed all of the group pics because she was having too much fun to pause.


After our time on the beach, it was the mens turn for a movie. They chose Taken 3. While they were gone, Angela and Bonnie napped and Trish and I decided to do a little shopping.

Later that evening, we all met back up at Cosmo’s for dinner.


After dinner, we hit the outlets up for a couple of hours where I scored some great deals, as in the most I paid for anything was $13.50, at the Ann Taylor outlet!

We packed up and left out early Sunday morning.

Even though it was such a short trip, we enjoyed getting away and are already looking forward the next chance we have to take a mini vacation.



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