2015 Goals

Show and Tell BannerToday I am linking up with Andrea to share my goals and resolutions for 2015.


Live a healthier lifestyle: Since Chris and I got married, the extra pounds here and there have suddenly turned into 10 extra pounds. YIKES. I started tracking weight watchers points yesterday and hope to be back down to a comfortable size before beach weather.

Join a group based study: Chris and I are both interested in finding a church home and becoming part of a bible or book study. We plan to start visiting churches in our area and will hopefully find one to call home soon.

Reach professional goals: At the end of each year, it is required that I list several goals on my evaluation. I hope to reach them all in 2015.

Volunteer in our community: It is never too late to start helping out in your community. I plan to look into different opportunities for Chris and I to give back.

Plan more weekend get-aways: YES! Since Chris is out of school and we will soon be on the same work schedule I look forward to many small trips out of town. Charleston, Asheville, New Orleans, and Savannah are all places I have my eye on for a long weekend.

Here is to accomplishing all of my goals this year! Happy 2015 friends!



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