Halloween Weekend

cowboy and indian

The word that best describes our Halloween weekend would be COLD! Literally, the only time I took my jacket off Friday night was to take the picture above. If I would have known that it was going to be FREEZING, I could have saved myself the hours it took to add beads to my costume because no one saw it anyways. Oh well, as one of my girlfriends said, just save the dress and wear it again in a couple of years.

We attended “Fright Night at The Feltmans” in Florence. They went above and beyond with the decorating! Well done Ashley and Jacob! The menu was perfect with monster fingers, brain dip, guacamole pumpkin vomit, Halloween bark, Witches brew, and my spooky eyeballs! Such a fun night!

cowboy and clown

Saturday, we visited family and watched football and yesterday we had a lazy day at home.

As of this morning, Chris is still sporting his “fu-manchu”. Fingers crossed that is it gone by the time I get home this evening! I hope everyone had as much fun this Halloween as we did!



2 thoughts on “Halloween Weekend

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  2. Hi Gattina :)WOW! I am just amazed. These are some of your best ever photos for the challenges! I love the angels and the lighting, and the history, and the colors, and, and, well, everything. Big smiles. You did great with this one! Excellent as always my dear!Always, Carly

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