Friday Favorites


There is nothing worse than waking up thinking its Saturday, then looking at your phone and realize it’s only Friday. That’s what happened to me this morning. Bummer! Anyway, since it is in fact Friday, its that time of the week where I share my favorites. This week I started decorating the house with my fall stuff. It seems like I can never remember what decorations I have until the storage tubs are down from the attic. It was a sad realization when I opened them this year to find that I didn’t want to use anything I had. My husband loves me for this šŸ™‚

photo 1-1Remember this post where I mentioned this centerpiece from Kirklands?! Well, with the help of two gift-cards that I have been saving since my birthday, this gorgeous piece is now ours and I only had to spend $0.19!

photo 1-2

This pitcher is one of my favorite things in our kitchen! It usually sits on the table, but since I have my new centerpiece, I just moved it to the bar. I found this wheat at Hobby Lobby and thought it would be a nice touch for fall. I love it!

photo 2-3

Also in the kitchen, I printed this free printable and put it in a black frame that we already had. I do not love the frame but it will work for now. Chris’s mom gave us this terracotta pumpkin years ago and we have been using it ever since.


This entry table is my absolute favorite! The lantern was a Christmas gift from Chris’s sister last year. I picked up the table runner, acorn, wheat, and two pumpkins from Homegoods. I found the canvas at Kirklands yesterday.

photo 3-2

Chris’s mom gave us this pumpkin when we lived in our old house. It made the move with us and is currently the only seasonal decor in our living room. I’m working on that!

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6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Hoo rah! That makes me want to da!nSnepeccer without a shirt on! I wish I was there, just kidding. But I do wish I was there, so I guess I wasn’t kidding after all. But I was kidding about me wanting to be there because you didn’t have a shirt but, but I wasn’t kidding about wanting to be there because you never know when you could use a free car wash. And anyways, I’ve seen your rock hard abs plenty of times. I went on my first drive today. HOO RAH!

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